Two university students walking

The challenges of transit photography is how to photograph a very well designed bus? I’m faced with this question quite a lot and I’m always looking for ways to go about this. Here is how I go about this; Before I took this shot, actually a couple days before this shot I went out to Boulder, Colorado and drove along the bus route, following the bus. Then once I learned about its route and a bit about the surrounding landscape I went on foot to some of the most prominent places that caught my eye. This is one of these locations and I look at it from different vantage points looking for my composition. I find several of locations like this and organize my shoot schedule.

Student at a bus stop
Boulder Colorado Hop bus ride around town.

There is only so much you can prepare for a photo like this and there are several other challenges at hand that may come up out of nowhere. I can plan for the sun shining from the same spot but the weather, delivery truck, dumpster dropped off too close to the bus stop or random roadwork along the route can have a big effect on how your actual photoshoot day will unfold.

Students walking away from bus stop