Challenges of Transit Photography

The challenges of transit photography is how to photograph a very well designed bus? I’m faced with this question quite a lot and I’m always looking for ways to go about this. Here is how I go about this; Before I took this shot, actually a couple days before this shot I went out to […]

Extreme Scenery

While hiking above 11,500ft in Colorado with color film loaded into my Leica M6. Even though the low temperature snapped a previous roll of film loaded and drained the light meter battery I snapped this zen scene on another roll of Kodak film.

Sangre De Cristo

My wife and I were driving through the San Louis Valley on our way back from Santa Fe. As I looked towards the Sangre De Cristo mountain range I could not get enough of it’s glory, so I pulled over, pulled my camera out and took the passenger seat. I snapped several of these photos […]